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Slay-dags igen
Glöm inte tisdagssändningen hos SlayRadio! 20:00 är tiden.

Hello Tuesday, hello Peeps!
Unbelievable, it is show time again! Also unbelievable, that we're gonna play songs in the evening. But the most unbelievable thing is that we're gonna play only your requests, and we did not set up any specific topic for the evening. Okay, you know what? Maybe you can let us know why your number one is your favourite. No expectations, just sit back, relax and enjoy a normal show with some alien show-hosts :)
Join us at 20:00 CET, come to IRC on Efnet to #slayradio channel, and SLAY tuned as usual!

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Publicerat 24 Apr 2018 av Jonas Axman