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Nya Amiga 500-chassin
Nu är det på gång, nya chassin till Amiga 500 planeras och det är en indiegogo-kampanj som skall köras.

It is with pleasure we're announcing the launch of the A500(+) Case campaign on the next week end.
The countdown has been set on the website :)

► Here some points
. Hosted on Indiegogo.
Indiegogo platform evolved quite a lot over the last year and now offers countless enhancements to project managers & teams in term of functionalities and possibilities.
. It's in US$!
Keycaps campaign was in SGD and this was really troublesome.
Indiegogo offers us to use US$ instead.
Currency change for € is also easier to understand in europe.
Big reason for us to shift over Indiegogo.
. Campaign will run 45 Days
It is a bit shorter than previous campaigns, but if we need a couple more weeks, here again Indiegogo let us EXPAND the duration ;)
. Less Special Editions!
Yes only the Metal Series + 2 Se's.
But two awesome Se's. Let's don't just spoil anything yet..
. A500(+) case quality
At least as good as our A1200 cases.
And they might be even better.

Stay tuned!
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Publicerat 28 Mar 2018 av Jonas Axman