Välkommen till 64bits!

Back in Time - Bergen 2018
Nytt i kalendern.

A weekend of C64 musical goodness! There will be live concerts, remix and sid DJ's, C64 Rock Café with Ninja Burger and much much more :)

Jeroen Tel and Reyn Ouwehand are gonna show up with new shows to thrill you all.

Fastloaders are ready to perform an exclusive live set from their Ninja Musicology, Progressive 64 and Rock Hubbard. Classics like; Monty On the Run, Commando, Ocean Loader, Green Beret, various themes from The Last Ninja series etc.

Even the great guys'n'girls from SLAY Radio will be there to entertain us (parental advisory) and make sure to convert this fabulous event to proper TCP-packets.
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Publicerat 06 Jun 2018 av Jonas Axman