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Recension av gamla klassiker
Vintage is the new old har recenserat två gamla klassiker. Känner du nostalgin komma krypandes är detta en ypperlig kvällsläsning.

The NewZealand Story
The game features some fantastic artwork, both in terms of character sprites and background artwork for the time. Due to the resurgence in popularity of pixel artwork, it looks as good today as it did back when the game was first released. I particularly liked the small details worked into some of the character animations, such as the way Tiki and certain enemies bob up and down as they walk.

Double Dragon
Giving your foes a good thumping results in some wonderfully satisfying thuds and crunches as fists make contact with flesh and bone, emitting bass-heavy rumbles with force sufficient to make the fillings in your teeth rattle!
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Publicerat 01 Aug 2018 av Jonas Axman