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Recreating The Amiga 1200 PCB from Pictures
Vi har tidigare skrivit om att svenske "Chucky" återskapat Amiga 1200-kretskort och nu finns det ännu lite mer info med video och andra sidor som skriver om det.

Hackaday har kommenterat och länkat till Youtubevideo som är intressant för Amiga-fantasten: Only Amiga makes it possible!

In the past we’ve talked about one of the major downsides of working with vintage computer hardware, which of course is the fact you’re working with vintage computer hardware. The reality is that these machines were never designed to be up and running 20, 30, or even 40-odd years after they were manufactured. Components degrade and fail, and eventually you’re going to need to either find some way to keep your favorite classic computer up and running or relegate it to becoming a display piece on the shelf.
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Publicerat 29 Aug 2018 av Jonas Axman