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Chris Abbott

From Sarah, Ben Daglish's Wife. The world needs more like Ben, not less :(
"Dearest friends,
For those of you who don't already know I'm deeply sorry to pass on the news that Ben died very suddenly on Monday morning. We know that it will come as a shock to many of you as it has to us. We are all at home feeling loved and supported, and our thoughts are with all of you who knew, loved, got irritated by and were lucky enough to have a little bit of his magic in your lives.
I'll send out details of what's happening as soon as we have sorted everything out.
If you would like to share any photos or thoughts with us our brilliant friend Debbie has set up - we would love to hear from you.
Sarah, Jake, Rhianna and Lottie xxx"

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Mer info på Ben Daglish C64 på Facebook.
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