Ljud - C64 VS Amiga VS PC

Brain Drain spelkväll


Lite pausmusik: Monkey Island

Lite pausmusik att njuta av, trevligt att se mäniskors kreativitet.


Kickstarter - Invasive Recall

Här är något man bara måste stödja. Ett klassiskt peka klicka i cyberpunk-miljö och styrning så som i de klassiska Monkey Island exempelvis och som dessutom är svenskutvecklat! 

"We would love to deliver this game, and think that there might be enough people out there who would like to see this game finished. We want to deliver an old-school feeling, 2d point and click adventure to all fans of the genre. We draw most of our inspiration from classic noir and cyberpunk movies as well as from the point and click adventure games of the 80/90s. We are really fond of huge pixels and retrofuturism. With this game, we aim to create a tense, funny and atmospheric adventure, with a lot of twists and turns, vast character cabinet and a focus on telling an engaging story whilst letting the player solve intricate puzzles."

Kasta dina pengar på dem!